Ahoy Vey

Genres: Hardcore, Anal, Blowjob, Deepthroat, Throat Fuck, Gagging, Tattoo, Short Hair, Cumshot, Pissing, Humiliation

Leave it to labia lickers to have senseless tattoos like an anchor or a silhouette of the state of cuckafornia--crap like that. We dropped anchor in her asshole. Anyways, she was obedient, a good butch, and wore her collar well. She got fucked hard in the ass like I did on my last tax bill. I should have had her make that Leo De'Caprio face in that meme we love so well. She could have pulled it off. She had nice fun bags. Supple. She was thicc, but in a good way. She drank yellow discipline like a good fuck slut, and cleaned up all her yakk like a good slave. Her asshole got BTFO and she did A2M straight from the sauce. She took 2 giant loads and we send her home with a piece of her soul missing.
None. None. None. None. None.
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